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 New Jersey Light Infantry
My 5th Great Grandfather Captain Joseph William Pickens gave his life here at Ninety Six, SC
Gallery Description: Scenic photographs of Ninety Six,
 in addition, two very beautiful photos of the snow covered grounds, attributed to the NPS
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These photos are from the NPS-Ninety Six, SC. ~several photographers are credited for these wonderful stories.
General Andrew Pickens~
Militia Leader
Born: September 13, 1739 Paxtang Twp (now in Dauphin County) PA
Died: August 11 or 17, 1817 SC
Buried: Pendleton, SC at the Old Stone Church
Nicknames: “The Fighting Elder” because of deep Presbyterian faith
● “The Border Wizard Owl” (SkyAgunsta) Cherokee Indians called him.
At Ninety Six:
1st Battle- (November 19-22, 1775):
● 36 years old
● Militia Captain & Spy (SC Pension Record)
● Fought & attended Peace meeting
2nd Battle (May 22- June 19, 1781):
● 41 years old
● Before Battle: Pickens’ men captured Britishcourier in route to Cruger at Ninety Six. Letters told Cruger to abandon Ninety Six and retreat to the coast. Instead Cruger thought he was supposed to hold at all costs.
● June 8: Arrived from a battle at Augusta, GA.
● June 8-10: Directed soldiers to dig a zigzag trench 250 yards West of the Stockade. Raised an earthen battery & mounted a cannon.
● June 11: Greene sent him to aid Thomas Sumter against the British relief column. 

 Brother, Joseph Pickens, was killed during the 1781 siege. Pickens’ blue coat identifies him as a Patriot during the Revolution.

History at Ninety Six~

James Birmingham
Lt Colonel John Harris Cruger
General Nathanael Greene
Colonel Thaddeus Kosciuszko
Lt Colonel Henry Lee
General Francis Marion
General Andrew Pickens
Captain Joseph William Pickens

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 Video of the Corbin & Lee 
Families of Virginia

Revolutionary War Soldiers Gravestones in Huntingdon County
Identified and photographed by 
Robert H. Cree

Master researcher, Robert H. Cree, set out to find and photograph all the marked graves of Revolutionary War soldiers in Huntingdon County. Thanks to him for contributing this gallery of photographs.

According to written sources, other Revolutionary soldiers lie in unmarked graves, like John Bratton (or Batton), who is buried in Diamond Valley. In 1895, a Huntingdon newspaper printed the following letter:

   “Editor: Sometime this fall I saw in the paper that some persons wanted to know where the solders of the Revolution were buried in Huntingdon County. John Bratton was buried in Diamond Valley, about 25 yards from John Snider’s house. I was at the grave on Dec. 12 while I was hunting, and all that marks the grave is a very nice little sassafras tree about 7 feet high. Joseph R. Carmon and I some years back stayed in a cabin that was about 2 or 3 rods from the grave. Any person who wants to visit the grave can drive to it. Signed, John Eberle, Cottage.”

Colonel Thaddeus Kosiuszko
General Francis Marion
Lt. Colonel Henry Lee
Major Nathamial Greene
Lt. Colonel Johm Harris Cruger
General Andrew Pickens & Captain Joseph Pickens
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