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Princeton Battlefield Society
The famed Thomas Clarke House of the Princeton Battlefield is starting to have problems.

The structure, built in 1772, is a white clapboard farm house. This building is central to the Battle of Princeton, fought on January 3rd, 1777, between the Continental Army under the command of General George Washington, and British Crown Forces.

The house also became hospital after the battle taking in both British and American wounded. American General Hugh Mercer died here nine days after the battle from being shot and bayoneted.
2.d N.J. Regt.
Princeton Battlefield, this place matters~
The British trying to advance!
Washington at Princeton by the Princeton Battlefield Society
January 3, 1777 was a critical day in American History. With leadership from General George Washington, patriotic troops defeated British Regulars at the Battle of Princeton …the turning point in the American Revolution. 
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Old Tennent Church is a Presbyterian church located at 448 Tennent Road in Manalapan, New Jersey. The congregation, a member of the Presbyterian Church USA, was founded in 1692 and played a prominent role in the founding of Presbyterianism in America. The current edifice was completed throughout 1751-53 and was named in memory of pastors John Tennent and his brother William Tennent. The Old Tennent Cemetery is located on the same property. It is managed by the Old Tennent Cemetery Association. The church itself is a historic Revolutionary War site. Patriots fought and won victory over the British close by, in the Battle of Monmouth. The church building was used as a temporary hospital for wounded soldiers.

"These Patriots Original members of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey lie buried in this churchyard."
Lt. James Anderson
Lt. Col. David Rhea
Col. Nathaniel Scudder
Ensign Moses Sprowl
Capt. George Walker
Capt. John Holmes

They pledged their lives
Their fortunes and their
Sacred Honor that Men
Might be Free
This edifice was erected in 1751, and was used as a Hospital during the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778
SEPTEMBER 26, 1901
Old Scots Hall Church Office

This vast cemetery has been here a very long time with many graves dating from the eighteenth century. And Old Tennent's congregation first buried its dead at an even older cemetery, Old Scot's Graveyard, where the first burial (of Rev. John Boyd) was in 1708.
Old Tennent Church & Cemetery, 2013
Old Tennent 
Cemetery & Church
Historic Earliest records of Old Tennent Cemetery show it as a church cemetery when in 1708 the Reverend John Boyd was buried in what is known as Old Scots Burying Ground in Wickatunk, New Jersey. The original one acre location is now on both the National and State Registers of Historic Sites. In 1731 the church moved five miles away and a new cemetery started at the present location in Tennent, New Jersey. In 1910 Old Tennent Cemetery began to move away from being a church cemetery to become a community non-religious one.
 All are welcomed to its beautiful rolling hills and well kept grounds as a peaceful resting place. December 1, 1914 marked the establishment of a permanent Maintenance and Preservation Endowment Fund to provide for perpetual care of the cemetery forever. In 1972 the State of New Jersey issued a Certificate of Authority for the Cemetery to continue operating as a non-religious non-profit cemetery. The present 68 acres are easily accessible from State routes 33 and 9 and Monmouth County routes 3 and 522 (Freehold-Englishtown Road). 
Cemetery grounds are open to the public 24 hours every day.

Photo Copyright 2013, 
House of History, LLC ©
Photo Copyright 2013, 
House of History, LLC ©
Florence H. Conover wife of Staats G. Stillwell
Staats G. Stillwell
Stillwell Family Plot at Old Tennent Cemetery & Church
Oliver K. Stillwell
Cooke Family Plot, the black wrought iron is beautiful.
Richard Van Cleaf
Maria Van Cleaf
Van Cleaf Family Plot
Elizabeth Van Cleaf
Dutch Reformed Church - 

"Established 1699 - Founded by Dutch settlers, the present church was erected in 1826 and is the oldest-established, operative church in Marlboro. Until 1764, services were held in the Dutch language. The first American-born pastor, Benjamin Dubois, is buried here. An avid American patriot in the struggle for independence, he took up arms against British incursions."


1. ^ Marlboro Township Historic Commission sign
The 5th New York Regiment~"We are a Revolutionary War living history organization based in the Hudson Highlands of New York. We recreate the life of soldiers and civilians of a young America trying to forge a better way of life in the face of tyranny." the 5th New York Regiment
5th New York Regiment  @ Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site
History all around Harrison & I today, celebrating President George Washington's birthday. We learned about the uniforms, right down to the cup & spoon! The musket fire (2xs) totally incredible!
"Echos from the shot heard around the world, the 5th New York regiment rose in November 30, 1776 to fight for America's freedom. Their legacy continues to today!" the 5th New York Regiment

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George Washington's Birthday Celebration February 18, 2013
George Washington — at Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site.
George & Martha Washington
Hasbrouck House
Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site is a historic site in Newburgh, New York, USA. It consists of the Hasbrouck House, the longest-serving headquarters of George Washington during the American Revolutionary War, and three other structures. It is also the oldest house in the city of Newburgh, and the first property acquired and preserved by any U.S. state for historic reasons. For both that and its historic value it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961.
Celebrating President George Washington's birthday February 18, 2013 with the very cool  
5th Regiment of New York!

Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site is a historic site in Newburgh, New York, USA. 
It consists of the Hasbrouck House, the longest-serving headquarters of George Washington during the American Revolutionary War, and three other structures.
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