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House of History™  Gallery~Presents the Non Profits 
that Preserve History!
Please enjoy the photos~the Shrewsbury Towne-Monmouth Chapter of the NSDAR works tirelessly within the community to help others in need. 
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Please contact House of History™ with your specific requests, and 
we will prepare a free estimate.
Or for more information, call us at: 
You may also view additional 
information & photos @
Daughters of the American Revolution
A day full of Proclamations~ from the Governor of New Jersey, the Senator that represents the District that Represents Monmouth County, & the Monmounth County Board of Chosen Freeholders, all for the 110th Anniversary of the Chapter.
A sign of Freedom & Memorial to all those who lost their lives for it.
The Door is incredible~Make sure to use the Knocker!!
What may have been~the World through the window of time.
Monmouth County Historical Association~Freehold, New Jersey
I love this wrought iron "S" shutter lock~
Another very pretty window, the arch, the shutters, & time.
A wonderful building full of history & mysteries to be told.
So many windows~
The beautiful & historical building that is home the Monmouth County Historical Association & Museum.
A true treasure to History & all those that visit! Please make sure to make your donation upon your visit, it takes those donations to keep the history going. Thank You!
Green Shutters~
The "Wonderful" neighbor to the Monmouth Historical Association, in Freehold, NJ. This house is also a "Historical" Treasure.
150 + year old fencing with the "Ornamental Acorn" proudly restored & kept in pristine condition!
President General's Project
DAR Library Lay Light Restoration
 President General Merry Ann T. Wright describes the newest focus of the President General's Project restoration efforts in a special video presentation.

The 100 year old DAR Library lay light has become seriously deteriorated and requires an extensive and immediate restoration.
The Contact Us is directly sent to the NSDAR

NJDAR 120th Annual Spring Conference Welcomes~President General Mrs. Merry Ann T. Wright
NJDAR 120th Annual Spring Conference Welcomes~President General Mrs. Merry Ann T. Wright
Recording Secretary, Shrewsbury Towne-Monmouth Chapter & State Librarian, Georgia Dempster
with the Chapter winner of the Essay Award Winner.
My State Good Citizen Award Winner!
Good Citizen Another Award Winner
A table full of Good Citizen Award Winners!! All of these students represent what America will need in the future to continue remain Strong!
Shrewsbury Towne-Monmouth Chapter Regent Liz Dunnell & Recording Secretary Kathleen Evans
having a Fun time!
All the State Chairmen & the NJDAR Regent~Mrs. Diane Argraves , Honored Guest for the 120th State Annual Spring Conference~President General of the NSDAR. Mrs. Merry Ann T. Wright
President General of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, presenting "Presidents General Project"~ "Lay Lights in the Library" NSDAR buildings Washington D.C.
Having suffered damage during the Earthquake that rocked the East Coast" in 2011.
"Sweet Land of Liberty"

Table centerpiece, an incredible design & execution by House of History, LLC.'s own "Zookeeper" (Operations Aficionado)
the backside~
"Sweet Land of Liberty"
America, My Country Tis of Thee
"the Liberty Bell"

Let Freedom Ring!
backside of the "Liberty Bell"

Do you know what is the inscription on the Liberty Bell?

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Summer Rest 2012, all together in the Fall~Behind the scenes We still Preserve American History!