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"As an American citizen I have for many years been curious about the roots of my family heritage. My Dad gave me a German surname and I knew my Mother was second generation Polish American. Over the years I had listened to my Dad and Uncle's childhood stories relating to their parents, grandparents, and where they grew up. I had also seen the Civil War era military discharge document of a distant relative from the Union Army. That was the extent of what I knew about my family history. I had no idea of where or how to research my family tree and had succumbed to the notion I would probably never know. A couple years ago my daughter, Deborah, informed me she had taken up a study of genealogy. She asked me for family birth and death certificates, what I knew about our history, and coupled with the Civil war data she dug in and started researching my Dad's family. At last report she had traced our family to the 1500's in Western Europe. I am pleased at what she has discovered, and as a father, the enthusiasm she demonstrated while doing it. Not stopping there, she is planning a trip for us to visit our ancient homeland and relatives in the near future. Although she is also a successful merchandise manager, Deborah recently informed me she was forming a genealogy and travel LLC devoted to helping other families learn their histories, locate relatives, and a visit if desired. I am confident Deborah will devote the same enthusiasm and joy for another family's discovery as as she did for ours." 

G. Terry Lutz 
David Lutz, my Grandfather WWII
George Lutz~American Revolution PA Militia
Nuremberg, Germany~defensive wall
David Lutz~Civil War 1818
Tarawa Atoll~David Lutz US Navy WWII; fought in this Battle where he saved many Marines lives.
Baden Wuerttemberg,Germany~
Lands & Homes to many of the Lutz (Lutes) Families.
Nuremberg Chronicles
Civil War Pension~George Lutz
The Storehouse in Schoeannaich 
where the people would bring 1/10 of all their crops to save for hard times. This building sat beside (facing) the Lutz House originally (now the commercial bakery) & has been extensively renovated. Photo inclusive of Uncle Frederick Lutz & his wife
Anna Lutz Metzger with husband Adolph
— at Schoenaich, Germany.
Site of the Lutz House in Schoeanaich, Germany (now a commerial bakery) with 3 views of their yard/garden area (just behind/beyond far end in original pic)
View from the corner of the Lutz House looking down the street toward the original Rathaus (town hall) in pale pink in the bottom right photo. This is looking in the opposite direction from the Storehouse which sat beside, & faced the Lutz House.~Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Lutz, Fred, Gottleib, Anna, Karl
My father Gregory Terry Luz & my son Harrison Alexander~Sandy Hook New Jersey, the old naval station & light house. Summer 2011
State of North Department of Archives & History~ Raleigh, North Carolina~Certificate of Authenticity, the Wills, Land Patents, & Marriages~Lutz Families of North Carolina.
2 Lutz brothers~my uncle Pat & my father G. Terry
"Uncle" Ed Lutz & my grandmother Josephine (Karbowski) Lutz~RIP
— in San Antonio, Texas.
— at Tippencanoe.
Maulbronn,  Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Lutz record
— at North Carolina
Juergen Lutz and his family also hosted Nathan on his second day in Schoenaich.
they have to be relatives!!
— at Schoenaich Germany.
Bakery building behind the Lutz family house (on left)
— at Schoenaich Germany.
Some of the Lutz Family Residing in Slovakia.
Schoenaich Germany 1903: "Taken on top of the vineyard"
Back: Jakob and Christine Lutz, Frederick Lutz and wife, Anna Lutz (daugther of Jakob)
Front: Amelia and Katherine Lutz (visiting from America), two of Jakob's sons.— at Schoenaich, Germany.
Tecumseh— at Indiana.
Josephine (Karbowski, my Grandmother) Lutz & Martha (Lutz, my Great Grand Aunt) Feightmister
Rites of Matrimony
— at Lincolntown, North Carolina.
Fred and Sonja Lutz. Nathan's hosts in Schoenaich.
Best part of discovering your family mystery~ I found My Lutz eyebrows!!! cannot wait to make this family/work research trip!
— at Schoenaich Germany.
Maulbronn, Germany
Front (l to r): Walter Jehle (who wrote the historical book on Schoenaich), Juergen, me, Juergen's wife Ulrike, Juergen & Ulrike's son Pekka, and then Fred. Back behind Juergen's head is cousin Margrit and her husband Heinz. In the back, between Ulrike & Pekka, is Juergen's dad (Erwin) with his wife (Irmgard) to his left. The man with the blue plaid shirt in the back/right is Hans Ulmer (a cousin of Fred's). On the far right is Reinhard Metzger who dug out all the church records on our family, which no one else had access to, apparently because he is an elder at the church. He was so very nice and very helpful, and spent a lot of time there at the pub trying to explain what he knew, even though he had just lost his wife a few weeks earlier. He seemed to think he might be related to us by marriage, possibly through Adolph Metzger, but Margrit wasn't so sure this was so.
President of the United Stated ~Wabash Indians, message
— at Indiana Territory ~1811.
2 brothers & a son. Older brother G. Terry to Mike (twin to Pat) & son of Mike is Shaun.
Grandpa Lutz~I have your tobacco & pipe holder. RIP...
Lutes/Lutz from Germany, Switzterland~Immigrated to America early 1700s
Currently in the year 1432~Maulbronn, Wurettemburg Germany. Conrad Lutz was the Vogel/Overseer of the Maulbronn Abbey. During this time religion was at much conflict in the time of the Holy Roman Empire rule. Lutheran and Protestant followers were in search of a home with out persecution. 
"Known generations of possible lineage include; Sebastian/Conrad possibly Lutz. He was born circa 1430 possibly in the Stromberg area of Wurtemburg, Southwest Germany. His wife or wives are unknown. They had at last one son, Conrad Lutz born circa 1458 and he became the Vogle (overseer) of Tubingen Castle from which he wrote a letter to the Maulbronn Abbey. The abbey records note that such a letter was received dated 23 February 1482, but the records do not reveal the contents of the communication. The abbey is located on the southern slopes of the Stromberg, only two and one half miles southwest of the village of Tieffenback (Diefenbach), the highland area that is ancestral home of the Lutz family of North Carolina. The abbey kept the accounts of all land transactions, taxes, deeds, and even inventoried jewelry left in their safekeeping by wealthy citizens. Conrad had one son” S” possibly Sebastian possibly Lutz. First names beginning with “S” were limited, the most common being “Sebastian”. He was born circa 1492 and became a Lutheran Abbot by 1555 following the termination of the Protestant reformation in Wurtemburg. “S.” possibly Sebastian had a son Sebastian Lutz born circa 1528 in probably the Stromberg near Maulbronn. He became the Lutheran pastor of the church in Diefenbach in 1554. Sebastian the preacher, gained the reputation in his first church at Diefenbach (according to church records, of being a very strong, independent, and forceful individual he did not hesitate to use strong language sermons and to ignore church orders when he so pleased. He died after 1570 and wife or wives are unknown. He had at least one son. Joos S. Joos S. possibly Sebastian was born circa 1554 in the little village of Diefenbach. Documents pertinent to the village and area families record mention of no other Lutz family in the village other than that of Sebastian Lutz who was pastor there from 1554 through 1557. Joos is an old but not common German name. He died after or during the year 1607. He had a son Johannes Lutz." From this point forward I have the records, including marriage, birth and death certificates. Stories and photos included. What a gift it will be for my father!!
Ellis Island~Lutz (Lutes) Names
Maulbronn Abbey, Wurettemburg, Germany
Konrad Sebastian Lutz (Lutes) (1432 - )
is my 17th great grandfather
Konrad Lutz (Lutes) (1458 - )
Son of Konrad Sebastian
Sebastian Lutz (1492 - )
Son of Konrad
Sebastian Lutz (1528 - )
Son of Sebastian
Joos S Lutz (1558 - )
Son of Sebastian
Johannes Christoph Lutz I (1560 - )
Son of Joos S
Johannes Christoph Lutz II (1577 - 1623)
Son of Johannes Christoph
Johannes Georg Lutz (1606 - 1661)
Son of Johannes Christoph
Hans Peter Lutz (1633 - )
Son of Johannes Georg
Johannes (Hans) Leonhardt Lutz 
(1672 - 1720)
Son of Hans Peter
Johannes Georg (Hans Jerg) Lutz 
(1707 - 1756)
Son of Johannes (Hans) Leonhardt
Johannes George (the Pioneer) Lutz
 (1739 - 1780)
Son of Johannes Georg (Hans Jerg)
David Lutz Sr. (1773 - 1832)
Son of Johannes George (the Pioneer)
Henry Lutz (1800 - 1864)
Son of David
George B. Lutz II (1845 - )
Son of Henry
Edward (Edie) M Lutz (1869 - )
Son of George B.
Elmer Lansing Lutz (1897 - 1982)
Son of Edward (Edie) M
David Lutz (1922 - 1998)
Son of Elmer Lansing
Son of David Lutz
Daughter of Living
Johannes George (the Pioneer) Lutz
  My 6th great grandfather 
  Birth May 1739 in Tieffenbach, Wuerttemberg, Germany 
  Death 20 JUN 1780 in Battle of Ramsour's Mill~
  American Revolution~Lincolnton,
North Carolina, United States 
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