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Anne Constable, daughter of Francis Constable
Anne (Owen) (Lee) Constable
~My 10th great grandmother~

Birth 21 Feb 1622 in South Scarle, Nottinghamshire, England
Death 6 Oct 1706 in Dividing Creek, Northumberland, Virginia, USA

Jamestown, James, Virginia, USA
In the year 1640, Richard Lee married at Jamestown to Anne Constable (c. 1621-1666) , daughter of Francis Constable and a ward of Sir John Thoroughgood, a personal attendant of Charles I, King of England (1600-1649). 

She had accompanied the family of Virginia Governor Sir Francis Wyatt (1575-1644), and at the time of her marriage to Richard, she was residing at the Wyatt household in Jamestown. 
This affiliation soon helped Richard move socially upward within the Colony. 
In 1643 the new Governor, Sir William Berkeley (1606-1677) appointed Richard Attorney General of the Colony. 

In addition he served as High Sheriff and was Colonel in the Militia.


Richard Lee I - Wikipedia, 
the free encyclopedia

~there are some conflicting stories, which is the fun of solving a family history mystery~
Col. Richard Lee I, “the Immigrant”
~My 1oth great grandfather~

(1617–1664) arrived in Jamestown in 1639 at the age of 22 with very little to his name other than the patronage of an influential man, Sir Francis Wyatt, the 1st Governor of Virginia. 

Once there he became Attorney General of the Colony of Virginia, Colonial Secretary of State, and member of the King's Council. He became Clerk of the Quarter Court at Jamestown, within the Secretary of State’s office. 

He was a loyal supporter of King Charles I of England, and his public offices ceased when Oliver Cromwell seized power in England in 1649. 

In addition he served as High Sheriff and was a Colonel in the Militia. He was also a tobacco planter, trader, owner and trader of slaves, and employer and importer of indentured English servants (who paid for their passage to America with 7 years of labour). 
At the time of his death he was the largest landholder in the colony (13,000 acres) and perhaps the richest man in Virginia. 
He was the great-great-great grandfather of Confederate general Robert E. Lee and great grandfather of President Zachary Taylor.
Richard I Lee and his wife Ann had 10 children

John Lee (1643–1673) of "Mount Pleasant", 
who never married

Henry Lee (1650–1696)

Col. Richard Lee II "the scholar" (1647–1715), who married Laetitia Corbin (c.1657-1706), daughter of Hon. Henry Corbin, Sr (1629–1676) and Alice (Eltonhead) Burnham (c.1627-1684). 
Great x2-grandfather of General Robert E. Lee

Francis Lee (1648–1714) a merchant in England, who married Tamar

Capt. William Lee (1651–1696), who married Alice Felton in 1675 and fathered four children

Capt. Hancock Lee I, Hon. (1653–1709) of "Ditchley", who married 1) Mary Kendall (1661–1694); 2) Sarah Elizabeth Allerton (1671–1731), daughter of Col. Isaac Allerton, Jr. (1630–1702) (son of Isaac Allerton of the Mayflower) and his second wife, Elizabeth (Willoughby) Overzee Colclough, widow of Simon Overzee and George Colclough. 
Grandfather of President Zachary Taylor

Elizabeth (Betsey) Lee (1654–1714), who married 1) Leonard Howson Sr (1648–1704); 2) John Turberville (1650–1728), son of George Turberville IV (1638-c.1659) and Bridget

Anne Lee (1654–1701), who married Maj. Thomas Youell Jr (1644–1695), son of Thomas Youell (1615–1655) and Anne Sturman (d. 1672)

Capt. Charles Lee Sr (1655–1701) of "Cobbs Hall", who married Elizabeth Medstand, daughter of Thomas Medstand (-1675). 
Ancestor of the Manning family of 
Eli Manning and Peyton Manning

Anne Lee (1655), who died young
Baptismal Record of Anne Constable~
London, England Records
(bottom left line)
Colonel Thomas Lee
Royal Governor of Virginia~1750
Builder of Stratford Hall

Colonel John Corbin (1715 - 1757)
Lettice Lee (1715 - 1768)
are My 7th Great Grandparents
Son of Lettice Lee & Col. John Corbin~~~

CorbinPeter Corbin (1750 - 1794)
is my 6th great grandfather

James Monroe Corbin (1794 - 1839)
Son of Peter
Col Bartley Hughes Corbin (1815 - 1899)
Son of James Monroe
John Haskell Corbin (1857 - 1940)
Son of Col Bartley Hughes
James Luther Corbin (1881 - 1954)
Son of John Haskell
Nita Edna Corbin (1908 - 1986)
Daughter of James Luther

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Dearest Deb,

How nice it was to hear from you, and so promptly. 
I wish I could have been as prompt answering back!

I found your link beginning with a Wikipedia page on Richard I, the Immigrant. In a lower section of that page is a reference to the Manning Family connection to Charles Lee. I began a search to find their ancestral line, including Google- Peyton and Eli. Their Google search page has your link on it, which is how I found you. 
As I mentioned in my first note to you that I sent from your site I was especially interested in this connection because of my soccer player great-nephew (although it is interesting aside from that)! 
I never found any information about what the Manning ancestral line is to Charles Lee.

Also in that first note I mentioned that I had never found much information on Charles Lee. I probably have all of the genealogical data, what I lack is biographical information. My last major search was in 1997 via Inter-Library Loan books, and the general message in all of those books was: ³Almost nothing is known of Charles. 
I've only been online for a few years and haven't done a thorough search on him via the Internet (and new information is being added all the
time), but the little biographical info I have seen online seems to be no more than I had seen in those books years ago. 
I was in hopes that more biographical history had been discovered that perhaps you had found!!

I definitely understand about you needing to refresh your memory of Charles & Elizabeth Lee and all the others after so long a time, and I also understand about not breaking your deep research for your client.
I am very much the same way about not breaking concentration when I am in the depths of a project ­it must run in the family!! So to assure you, there is no rush whatsoever regarding my two questions! Whenever you get a spare moment (I assume you get one occasionally!!) will be soon enough, whenever that may be, even months from now!

I was so surprised to find out about the Mannings, and now the Baldwin Brothers! Amazing! Two sets of brothers! I knew nothing about contemporary descendants of Charles Lee and so far it is full of fun
surprises! And I agree with your comment: "It is always a pleasure to find new cousins & learn more about the family characteristics."
Unfortunately, in many instances such as this one, I am not on Facebook (nor Pinterest or Twitter) even though I think they are outstanding social media! But thank you for the tip. I did click on the Facebook link on your site just in case you had an open page (as some businesses do) but it was not open.

Thank You in advance for any reference tips about possible new biographical information on Charles Lee, and where the Mannings connect to his line. These two questions are curiosities, not critical to know if it proves to be too time consuming. And again, if I don¹t hear from you for months, not to worry. Just being in touch with a new Lee cousin is such a treat by itself!

Very sincerely,
Martha -----

PS. Your site is beautiful, very impressive. I will be sending my niece (mother of the soccer player) your link which just may inspire her to visit the old ancestral grounds¹ on her next vacation. 
With all of this, I think they¹ll be hooked on family history for life!!

12/30/12 11:50 PM, "Martha B ------" wrote:

from Washington & Lee University!

Elizabeth Medstand Lee

B: Thomas
Buchanan County
Virginia, USA

Death: Jul. 13, 1700
Northumberland County
Virginia, USA

Father was Thomas Medstand
Mother was Elizabeth Lawson

Married Charles Lee in 1678 at Cobb's Hall, Northumberland County, Virginia


Leanna married Capt. William Jones Jr.


Thomas married Elizabeth Keene

Charles Jr. married Elizabeth Pickard

Elizabeth Medstand married John Howson (they were cousins)

Family links:
  Charles Lee (1656 - 1701)

  Charles Lee (1684 - 1734)
  Elizabeth Medstand Lee Buford (1688 - ____)
Lee Family Graveyard at Dividing Creek
Northumberland County
Virginia, USA
Plot: Possibly Buried here?
Created by: charlott jones
Record added: Aug 29, 2011

Find A Grave Memorial# 75659534

There are no individual graves for those interred at the burial site,
only a plaque noting the burial of Elizabeth Medstand Lee and Charles
Lee, as descendants of Richard Henry Lee, who too, is buried at that

Charles Lee.
Founder of the Cobb's Hall Branch.
Charles (2), eighth child of Richard 1, born about 1656 at ³Cobb's
Hall­ where he lived, died and was buried. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thos. Medstand, of Lancaster County about 1676.
Charles was Justice of Northumberland County in 1687­1699. He had two sons and two daughters.

I. Thomas (3), born about 1679‹died 1735, was Justice
for Lancaster County in 1712, and Sheriff in 1714. He married and left issue.
II. Charles, born died in 1740­1, married Elizabeth Pinkard, and had six children.
III. Leeanna, probably married William Jones in 1707, and had issue.
IV. Elizabeth, of her history nothing is known.

Charles Lee
Birth: May, 1656 Northumberland County
Virginia, USA

Death: 1701
Northumberland County
Virginia, USA

Family links:
Anne Constable Lee (1622 - 1706) Richard Henry Lee (1618 - 1664)

  Elizabeth Medstand Lee (1660 - 1700)

  Charles Lee (1684 - 1734)
  Elizabeth Medstand Lee Buford (1688 - ____)

Lee Family Graveyard at Dividing Creek
Northumberland County
Virginia, USA
Created by: BeNotForgot
Record added: Oct 06, 2010

Find A Grave Memorial# 59688695

Hopefully some of this helps! If you need anything else let me know&
I will try to find or figure out!