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Deborah Hvizdos, Managing Director

My Favourite Thing To Do: 
Research, Read History, and solve Mysteries.
 I spend most of my free time in my continued own quest for my family history mystery.

In addition to loving history, 
I am married, have 2 children, and 3 very loving dogs! 
Our house is always a bit lively and quirky!
My family 
life is very important to me.

I enjoy traveling, landscape design, decorating, photography, charity work, and most of all,  
family history research.

About House of History™
"There is a history in all men's lives."~William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

House of History™ is family-owned. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 

Have you always wanted to know about your family history but never knew where to start. Finding the time to scour and pour through old records and letters and then learn how to build your family tree, we can do all of that for you!

We will help you discover your History!

As the “Huntress of History” never is there a "Mystery of History" that we would not love to solve.

Having traced my own lineage to the beginning of time, discovering along the way patience and research are required. Thankfully the internet is here as a resource.  
Our tools of research are endless and only limited by us stopping for a moment.


The House of History™ is here to help you find your "Family History A Mystery"®. Provide every customer with the best service possible. 

Arrange your Fabulous Themed Event with your new found heritage/lineage.

Dreaming of traveling to the lands of your Ancestors, we are here to guide and arrange your itinerary this possible, again with the best possible service we can provide.

Family history research, documentation to prove lineage, power point presentation of your family history complete with photos, documents, historical oral presentations, and music.

Complete your Mystery with a Family Tree Book, Photo Book, Document Book, or a Scrapbook made, it can be done! “Family History A Mystery”® What makes House of History™ Special? UNIQUE themed gifts.

Holiday gifts, Wedding present, family presents; perfect for a family reunion.
Interested in learning more?
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
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