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Here is just one of a many "Family History A Mystery" discovered! General Andrew Pickens~a 5th Great-Grand Uncle along with Our 5th Great-Grandfather who gave his life as part of the "Forlorn Hope" during the Siege of Ninety Six, SC. They both fought in gallantly during the American Revolution.
This video is from Clemson University.
Clemson is currently seeking funding to complete the interior restoration of Hopewell.
One of Our "Family History Mystery" solved!  This is just glimpse of the work "Family History A Mystery" is able to do for our clients. Included are rare documents obtained to prove lineage into both the N.S.D.A.R. and the N.S.S.A.R. as well as photos and narratives on the family history.
The Pickens Family who descended from Captain Joseph William Pickens, died during the American Revolution~Independence Won!
Boxely, Kent, England
Beautiful Colan~England
Castle Ruins with Moat
~ England

William Blewett, Earl of Salisbury~
My 29th Great Grandfather
Abt 1220, but the 5th Generation of Bluetts found to be living at Holcomb Rogus, on Blackdown hills, Devon, the Lord of the Manor passed to Thomas Blewett. 
Sir John Blewett acquired Holcomb Rogus, Devonshire by marriage to Maud Chisellen (Clusleden, Chiseldon) dau. John Clusleden. In 1444 the Chronicler records that John Blewett, of Holcomb Rogus, held the Office of High Sheriff of the county Devon, and Hals' writing, about 1680, says that he was also High sheriff of Cornwall in 26 Henry Vl (i.e. 1448). 
John's great grandson, Richard, married Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Greenvile. They had a son named Francis, who about 1540, who came/went to Cornwall to court and marry Elizabeth, daughter of Tristriam deColan, of Colan, near St. Columb Minor, with her sister Anne, co heiresses of the deColans who were listed as land owners in Colan Parish in Edward lI's feudary of 1347.
Source: A Cornish Family Blewett of Colan'
By Peter Laws

St Mary's and All Saints Church, Boxley
Church from the south-east
ActiveCompleted~13th, 14th and 15th centuries
Materials~Rag-stone, Flint
Administration~Parish~St Mary's and All Saints, Boxley
St Mary's and All Saints is a parish church in Boxley, Kent begun in the 13th century and with additions in the 14th and 15th centuries. 
The church was restored in the 1870s. 
It is a Grade I listed building.

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This photo, well I just fell "in love" with it.
I cannot remember who it or where it belongs to, I have searched the files to no avail.
So I will just enjoy having here!
"There is a history in all men's lives."~William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

The Birthplace of William Shakespeare~2006 (above photo)
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